Road Closures

Loading Bay Relocated

Due to construction a temporary loading dock has been installed at the east side of the UBC Life Building at 6138 Student Union Blvd.

To access the loading dock:

  • Turn west down Student Union Blvd
  • Just past the Student Rec Centre will be a detour to the left
  • Make a left and follow the signs to the temporary loading dock
    There is only space for 1 vehicle at a time – other deliveries might occur at the same time which is why we require accurate timeframe from the client in advance.

Loading into The Nest

Outside loading:

  • Bring your load down beside MacInnis Field toward the Nest
  • Load in via the North Doors to where our frieght elevator is available

Inside Loading:

  • Bring your load inside the UBC Life building towards the elevator, go down to the lower level
  • Head down the corridor to the Lower Level of the Nest where our freight elevator is available