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6133 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Our catering team is dedicated to making your events at The Nest memorable and enjoyable. With over 25 years of combined experience, our team is ready take your events from idea to reality, from venue booking to catering, Nest Catering will take care of everything so you won’t have to.

Christine Halonen

Senior Manager
(604) 822-3465 

The hospitality sector has been Christine’s home since graduating in Business, Hotel & Restaurant Management and Holistic Nutrition, and it’s lucky to have her! Her education, energy, excitement and people-orientated outlook has led her hold numerous leadership positions in the industry. She’s a team builder, problem solver and always up for a challenge. With this enthusiasm and experience, Christine joined Nest Catering and Conferences in 2015 to open the Nest building as Catering & Conferences Operations Manager, before stepping into the role of Senior Catering and Conferences Manager, where she tirelessly supports her happy team in creating brilliant events!

Monika Kodnani

Business Development Manager

(604) 822-6540 

Monika is an accomplished event planner with over a decade of experience planning corporate and personal events. Her bubbly personality, meticulous nature and creative problem solving abilities have enabled Monika to create a portfolio of incredibly successful events. She approaches every wedding, conference, fundraising event, festival, education forum, corporate symposium and board meeting with the same energy and enthusiasm as her very first event 10 years ago. Partnering with Monika and the team at Nest Catering & Conferences feels like you’re planning an event with friends, who really know what they’re doing!

Lyanne Evans

Senior Events Coordinator
(604) 822-6704 

With over 25 years of industry experience, Lyanne has demonstrated her finesse for planning and executing first-class events a thousand times over. Lyanne’s experience ranges from award ceremonies and corporate special events to multi-day academic conferences, engaging upwards of 3,000 people at a time in the UBC community and beyond. Her deadline-orientated, detail-driven approach ensures peace of mind leading up to your event, whilst her calm and personable nature under pressure will ease any nerves or apprehensions you may have. By virtue of rich experience and a natural gift, Lyanne is an expert in her field and the perfect pathfinder for any event.

Amanda Slater

Senior Events Coordinator

Bio coming

Ricardo Bortolon

Junior Events Coordinator

(604) 822-1497 

Ricardo has been with the organization for over 5 years and handles all types of bookings: weddings, academic meetings, receptions, and all else. Previously handling AMS clubs and constituencies, he managed about 10000 bookings each year (across 1800 events), working to maximize space usage between regular practices, meetings, and rehearsals as well as special events like galas, beer gardens, and other unique events. His even-keel and drive to problem solve will ensure your event is a success no matter what.

Vishwa Mohan

Chef De Cuisine (AMS / Nest Catering)

(604) 827-3565 

Vishwa is an experienced chef in the industry for over 18 years, with a Diploma in Hospitality management he is a professional in both the kitchen displaying his culinary skills and on the floor showcasing his strong operations management. Vishwa has worked in multitude of settings before, including The Oberoi in India, Four seasons in Maldives, Fairmont Dubai and Burj Al Arab in Dubai, Fairmont Beijing in China, Royal York, and Pacific Rim in Canada, as well as owning his restaurants in Vancouver. He is also very well-travelled chef. His training in India and experiences travelling through many countries, allows him to bring the fusion if International flavors and cooking techniques to North American Cuisine.

Ang Tiam Lai

Senior Sous Chef (AMS / Nest Catering)

Ang is born in one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavors of Indonesia. As a child, he helped his family’s catering business, thus influencing his interests in culinary and career path.

Ang started at AMS as a Supervisor of the Burger Bar in 2009. He then studied Asian Culinary and Culinary Art at Vancouver Community College (VCC). After graduating from VCC, he started to work at the Catering Division of AMS. While working at the Catering Division, he took a culinary apprenticeship program for 3 years and received a Red Seal certification. He has gained valuable experience working with several chefs from various backgrounds since then. His motto is to always immerse himself in his work, never complain about the job and dedicate his life to mastering his skills.

Edrick Sy

Offsite Assistant Catering Manager

(604) 822-5130 

Approaching a decade of experience, Ed is our offsite assistant catering manager. He’s catered for hundreds of events throughout UBC’s Vancouver Campus and the greater Vancouver area, delivering an exceptional experience every time. Ed takes care of all the sweet and savoury details for multi-day conferences, wedding receptions, celebrations of life, faculty dinners with the President of UBC Santa Ono, outdoor BBQs, networking lunches, fundraisers, graduation parties, student club nights, welcome events and more. His passion for working with clients and delivering on his promise is what brings Ed to work each day, along with the opportunity to quality check our food on a regular basis!

Sophorn Kong

Operations Manager
(604) 822-1276

About 15 years ago, Sophorn started her unexpected hospitality career while going to school for a completely different field of work. She fell in love with the excitement and final outcome of a well-executed food service and decided to stay for the long haul.  She has a well-rounded management experience from running her own business to managing multiple food and beverage outlets at a Casino, boutique hotel, restaurants and now she calls Nest Catering and Conference at the Alma Mater Society of UBC my home away from home.